Pat Testing Prices

Our prices vary according to the number of appliances that require testing and the appliance accessibility. 

Our guideline prices for a typical office environment are listed below.

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Up to 25 items - Fixed price 0f £47.00
items 26 to 100 - @ £1.20 per item
items 101 to 200 - @ £1.10 per item
items 201 to 500 - @ £0.90 per item
items 501 and over - @ £0.85 per item                                

Fuse replacement Free

A summary of PAT testing service provided:
Each electrical appliance is visually inspected for signs of damage.
The plug, cable and fuse are inspected and the plug and fuse repaired or replaced if necessary. An appropriate test sequence is selected according to the type of appliance,
the appliance is then plugged into the PAT Tester for testing. The electrical item is then logged and labelled.

For more information about our pat testing service please view our "Info" webpage.


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